Upcoming College Tours and Open Houses

Sep 16, 2019

Colleges are rolling out the red carpet for prospective students! There are some differences between a college tour and when a college hosts an Open House.

TOURS: Most colleges have scheduled tours throughout the week.  Typically an admissions representative speaks to the whole group, answers questions and then sends the group out on a tour with a student guide.  (One of the skills that a student guide must have is to be able to walk backwards and talk at the same time!) Classes and life at college is going on as normal and your tour just takes you through a typical day.

OPEN HOUSES:  Open Houses are days that are for prospective students to learn a lot about the campus and programs.  There may only be 1-2 per year.  Faculty from various departments will be on hand to discuss their programs.  There may be workshops on Financial Aid, Admissions, Residence Life etc that you can choose to go to.  Tours will also be included.  These are typically on the weekends and no classes are in session so the focus is on prospective students.

There are a lot of Open Houses up until mid-November.  You often have to sign up ahead of time. They will be listed on the websites and they may email you about upcoming dates.There are quite a few on Columbus Day weekend at various schools but it varies widely. Tours are more flexible and helpful when you are not sure how interested you are in a school.

NEACAC College Fair on October 7th from 6-8PM.
UNH hosts the NEACAC College Fair and over 200 colleges attend.  The Fieldhouse (where the Basketball games are held) will be filled with tables in rows.  It’s in alphabetical order and you can talk to many college reps. The advantage is that you can often talk to reps who don’t go to individual high schools to visit or are from far away.  It can be overwhelming- go in with a plan of what schools you want to talk to and what you want to ask.  You can bring labels with your name, address, email and school to stick on cards for schools you want more info from.

This is the website that will have the list of colleges.  I’ve just checked it and I don’t think it’s been updated since August so check back again!


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