College Rep Upcoming Meetings and a Virtual Fair

May 13, 2020
Today was scheduled to have been our Junior Post Secondary Fair. We usually have representatives from 2 and 4 year colleges, Trade Schools, Cosmetology schools and Military recruiters.   Since that couldn’t happen, I am beginning to set up meetings to take place online.  There will be opportunities to speak with representatives from all options- some make more sense now to begin with and this will continue into your senior year.
If you are interested in meeting with an Admissions Rep from the following colleges, please email me.  I plan to set these up to take place over the next couple of weeks. This will be the person at each school who will likely read the applications from Winnacunnet.
Once I know who is interested, I will let you know the time and will send you an invitation via Zoom or Google Meet.  Feel free to sign up for more than one.  If you are looking at highly selective colleges not on this list, it is helpful to hear insights from any of them.
Bates College
Boston College
Boston University
Dartmouth College
Northeastern U.
University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Connecticut
University of Tampa, Florida
Worcester Polytechnic U
Also, here is a Virtual STEM Fair with lots of colleges doing presentations on a variety of topics.

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