Following the holiday season, our community is seeing a surge in individuals testing positive for COVID-19. For the majority of these individuals, the onset of symptoms and/or test results have occurred during break and have not impacted transmission levels within our building.

Prior to this surge, our protocol has been to send information emails to parents indicating that their child may have been potentially exposed to an individual that has tested positive.  Considering the volume of these emails, moving forward we will be posting the numbers of students and staff that are currently testing positive here and updating it daily.

As always, we ask that students monitor and self-screen for symptoms. Students exhibiting any symptom, even minor, should stay home and contact the nurses for additional guidance.  We wish a speedy recovery to those who are experiencing Covid-19.  Moving forward, we will continue to follow all protocols and procedures in place, and monitor school attendance, and transmission rates in the community.


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Laurie Cook, RN
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Katie Mottola, RN
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fax (603) 929-0917

Screening Guidelines (updated 1/13/22)