Math Department

21st Century Core Values and Beliefs

The Winnacunnet High School Math Department is committed to helping all students grow as individuals and mathematicians. Students will learn to appreciate and value the mathematical skills and knowledge they obtain while here at Winnacunnet. Our task as educators in the twenty-first century is to assist students in learning to think logically, to analyze and solve real-world problems, to use technology effectively, and to communicate the language of mathematics.

Students will:

  • Communicate their understanding of mathematics
  • Create and use representations to communicate mathematical ideas to solve problems
  • Recognize, explore, and develop mathematical connections
  • Use problem-solving strategies to investigate and understand increasingly complex mathematical content
  • Use mathematical reasoning and/or proof throughout the study of geometry and algebra
  • Apply mathematical concepts and skills to solve problems across the content areas of number operations, algebra, geometry, and probability and statistics

WHS Learning Expectations Assessed:

  • Demonstrate the skills to work independently
  • Demonstrate the skills to work collaboratively
  • Organize and evaluate information for its relevance to a question or problem

Curriculum Frameworks

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