Physical Education & Wellness Department

21st Century Core Values and Beliefs

Our mission is to provide an environment to develop physical, mental, social, and emotional health, leading to a sense of total wellness. The basic concepts are knowledge and self-management that incorporate the need for responsibility, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. These concepts will be employed for lifelong well-being.

Students will:

  • have a working knowledge of how physical activity impacts his/her wellness
  • develop physical skills that relate to lifelong activities
  • develop a basic knowledge, have the ability to perform, and will appropriately interact in activities
  • develop an awareness of fitness components and how they are integrated with nutritional and social risk factors
  • develop and implement his/her own personal health/fitness model
  • develop strategies which will help them with decision-making skills

WHS Learning Expectations:


  • Find and collect information from a variety of print and non-print material, electronic databases, multimedia, or other sources
  • Present information or ideas using visual, artistic and/or technological mediums

Physical Education:

  • Demonstrate the skills to work independently
  • Demonstrate the skills to work collaboratively

Curriculum Frameworks

Physical Education and Wellness courses and curricular information

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