These groups bring you together with others of similar interest. You will not only form new friendships but add to your enjoyment of high school life.

American Sign Language Club (ASL)

The ASL (American Sign Language) Club meets bi-weekly to raise and promote cultural awareness. The ASL Club is welcome to signers of all levels, as we aim to create a welcoming environment for the development of signing skills.

Advisor: Mrs. Ash – Room D115

Animal Action Club

Our Mission:
Our club raises awareness about issues related to shelter animals, puppy mills, and animal welfare.  We also fundraise and hold supply drives to assist multiple animal rescue groups across the U.S.  
Advisors: Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Phillips- Room C209

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy club meets monthly for discussions and movies on all topics related to space and the universe.  We also hold 2 evening star viewing nights a year, weather permitting.

Advisor: Mrs. Woodsmith – Room B213

Cycling Club

The WHS Cycling Club looks to improve riding skills and confidence of the team through regular training and racing against New England high school riders. Primarily a mountain biking club, there are opportunities to ride and race on the road if students are interested.

Advisor: TBD

Chess Club

Chess Club is open to all WHS students, regardless of skill level. Whether you are a skilled player who wants to sharpen your skills and test them at competitions, or you just enjoy playing the game and don’t wish to compete, or you’re a beginner who wants to learn how to play the game, we welcome you.

Advisor: Mrs. Jimenez – Room C113

Garage Band Club

This club is for students who would like to play their instruments and/or sing with other students in a casual, open, judgement free environment.  This club meets on Mondays afterschool in A106.

Advisor:  Mr. Cross – Room C119

Girl Up

The goal of the club is to unite members with the common commitment to speak up, stand up and rise up for gender equality around the world. The themes of the Girl Up club include education, safety, health, leadership and documentation.

Advisor:  Mrs. Sarah Edgar – Room A122

Drama Club

The WHS Drama Club is a  group dedicated to the art of theatre, and promoting theatre in schools.  Drama club meetings are open to all WHS students, and  typically include theater games, workshops, and skill-building. The Drama Club also produces and sponsors the Talent Extravaganza in January, and the 10-Minute Plays in May, among other service opportunities.  Finally, the group takes at least one field trip per year to a professional theatrical production (Boston, Broadway, etc.).  If they so choose, students may also work to earn service points and be inducted in May into the International Thespian Society, of which we are a chapter.  

Advisor: Mr. Moore-Room A107/Auditorium

Fall Play Productions

A winter play takes place in mid-November.  Students must audition for roles and may also serve as technical assistants.  Auditions take place at the end of September, and tech crew work begins in October.

Advisor: Mr. Moore – Room A107/Auditorium

Garden Club

Students will maintain some of the courtyards around the school,  adding new plantings, spring & fall cleanup and regularly weeding.

Advisor: Mrs. Richards – C116

Gay Straight Trans Alliance

This club is a safe space and a fun supportive environment for everyone who wishes to join us. The gay straight trans alliance opens the floor to discuss LGBTQ+ topics going on in our community and in our personal lives. This club provides a unifying voice for both straight allies and the LGBTQ+ community. This is a confidential space and a judgement free zone, where anyone can speak freely without having to worry about outside influences.

Advisor: Mrs. Hunt-Hawkins

Let’s Take Action Club

Let’s Take Action is a club where we don’t stand back and watch. We come together as a group, stand up for what we believe in, and make a change how we best see fit. New thoughts, ideas, and opinions are always welcome. We impact our school and the community around us.

Advisor:  Mrs. Chaput – Room B207

Marine Corps JROTC (MCJROTC)

MCJROTC offers numerous extracurricular activities to include Marksmanship, Color Guard, Cyber Security, and Academic teams.  Additionally, we offer several leadership camps throughout the school year, which are funded by MCJROTC.  We encourage any student interested in developing their self-confidence and teambuilding and leadership skills to come check us out.

Contact: Lt. Col. Eric Drown – ROTC Building

Mission: Kid to Kid

Mission: Kid to Kid is a program dedicated to including everyone’s individuality and uniqueness, alongside teaching young teens how to effectively use their voice to encourage kindness. We plan on creating a personal experience with middle school students that will include mentoring and focused lesson teaching, as well as question and answer sessions regarding high school experiences.

Advisors:  Ms. D’Amico  – Room E112

Pickleball Club-This club will start Fall 2024

This club is open to all students who are interested in playing this sport for fun and great physical exercise.  The club will meet on day after school per week from 2:30-3:30pm, meeting at the tennis courts.

Advisor: Mr. Auffant – Gym

Spanish Club

This club is open to all students who are interested in the Spanish language. 95% of the language spoken during the meetings is Spanish.  Together students will plan events, watch foreign films, play games, attend field trips and form a creative international community. Meetings are twice a month.

Advisor:  TBD

Sustainability Club

The Sustainability club brings together students with a common interest in protecting the environment and making our community more sustainable. Meetings are every other week and activities include informational sessions and group discussions on topics such as composting, zero waste, fast fashion (and many more), preparing for and presenting a school wide sustainability fair, providing sustainable wrapping services for the holidays and painting and auctioning rain barrels to promote water conservation.This club is open to all students grades 9-12

Advisors: Mrs. Reid – Room B215


Do you like to design? We will build the stages for the WHS fall play and the Spring Musical.

Advisor:   Mr. Don Bagley – Auditorium

Spring Musical Production

A spring musical takes place in March.  Students must audition for acting/singing roles, and may also serve as technical assistants or in the pit orchestra.  Auditions take place in mid-December, and the tech crew/orchestra begin work at the beginning of January.

Advisor:  Mr. Moore –  Room A107/Auditorium

Science & Nature Club

This club is intended to widen students’ knowledge of their environment and science in the community. Activities include beach cleanups, gardening projects with the Hampton Beach Beautification Committee, and field trips to local areas. Students also participate in the Lighthouse Kids organization to help save and maintain the lighthouse on White Island at the Isles of Shoals.

Advisor: Mrs. Noone Rm. B216

Ski & Snowboard Club

This club is an opportunity for students to ski or board with their friends throughout the Winter at a discounted rate.  Students are eligible to purchase a discounted season pass through the ski club and transportation is provided, usually one weeknight for five weeks.   The bus departs right after school and returns after night skiing is over, typically at Gunstock Mountain Resort.  Lessons and rentals are included if students choose to purchase the season pass.  In addition, the pass can be used with no blackout dates for the rest of the season.

Advisor:  Mrs. Goupil & Mrs. Burke – Room B208

Warrior Spirit Club

This club will meet to encourage student participatation in Pep Rallies, Spirit Week, Athletic Games and other school sponsored events.

Advisor:  Ms. Dodier – Room B201