PowerSchool® allows parents to view their student’s grades and attendance. Parents access PowerSchool using the web making it convenient and easily accessible.  Log into PowerSchool at https://winnacunnet.powerschool.comUpperclassman and/or transfer student parents who did not receive passwords last year can obtain one by contacting the Karen Langmaid in our Guidance Dept.  Parents of incoming freshmen will be receiving their username and password via US mail within the first two weeks of school upon completing the Parent Portal account request.

Access to grades and attendance through PowerSchool® is being provided to make learning more transparent, to provide timely evidence of learning, and to facilitate communication about individual student learning.

PowerSchool Parent Portal

Once logged into the PowerSchool Parent Portal the Grades and Attendance page for your student appears. This page is a quick lookup page which shows classes, teachers, grades and attendance which pull from the teacher gradebooks for the current term.

  • Once grades start to appear under the terms, you may double-click the grade to see class assignments.
  • Other pages may be accessed by clicking on the icons in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Grades History shows final term grades that have been stored into student course history.
  • Attendance History gives a breakdown of dates absent and absence reasons.
  • Email Notification allows you to choose what reports you would like emailed to you and how often. This feature is optional, and reports can be quite voluminous. Most of this information can be obtained from the web pages.
  • Teacher Comments allows you to view comments teachers have made relative to the class. You may also find comments in the Grades and Attendance area relative to the term.
  • Click the question mark in the upper right portion of the screen below menu for help and information about the page you are on.
  • Remember to Logout when you are done.

PowerSchool FAQ’s

Q: How do I log into PowerSchool? How can I find my account information?

A: Upperclassman and/or transfer student parents who did not receive passwords last year can obtain one by contacting Karen Langmaid. Parents of incoming freshmen will be receiving the password within the first two weeks of school upon completing the Parent Portal Password Account Request.

Q: What is the PowerSchool Student Portal?

A: The student portal is an online portal accessible anywhere on the web that students can log in to and see their grades, assignments, scores, attendance, schedules and more.  The portal address for parents and students is the same, but students have their own unique username and password for PowerSchool.

Q: I forgot my username and/or password, how do I reset them?

A: Contact Karen Langmaid in our Guidance Dept. who can assist you.

Q: Can I use my students PowerSchool portal account?

A: No, Parents and Students have their own unique accounts. Parents accounts have more parent-friendly options that allow parents to schedule meetings with teachers and view additional information.

Q: My student used PowerSchool at their previous school, is my Parent Portal account the same?

A: The PowerSchool URL for WHS is not the same as your student’s previous school.  If you chose to use your same username you used at your student’s previous school this is fine.  You will provide that information on the Parent Portal account request form.


PowerSchool Login