Science Department

Mission of Science Department

We understand that we have a diverse student body, however, all students will develop an awareness, appreciation, and respect for themselves, others and their environment. Students will be informed learners who make decisions based on scientific literacy and critical thinking. They will continually develop the science skills and knowledge necessary to participate and aspire to succeed in a changing society.

Graduation Outcomes

Students will:

  • collect, organize and mathematically interpret experimental data in order to make sound conclusions
  • participate in group and individual activities in a civil, tolerant and productive manner
  • use data, previous work, and research to think critically, and creatively solve problems
  • read for information, plan and carry out an assignment and accurately communicate scientific concepts through a variety of methods
  • demonstrate knowledge and awareness of connections of science to the natural world
  • use scientific processes to obtain knowledge and demonstrate how knowledge is revised
  • choose the correct tools of science and use it appropriately
  • take part in discourse relating to science topics with ethical considerations

Curriculum Frameworks

Science courses & curriculum

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