Chromebook Program

WHS 1:1 Program

Four years ago, in the fall of the 2015-16, WHS began purchasing Chromebook laptops for every member of the incoming freshman class. Like a textbook, these devices are signed out and collected by WHS, but remain in the possession of students during the school year. This year, WHS will be a fully 1:1 (1 device deployed to every student) school for the first time.

To help sustain and support this initiative, WHS collects a modest $25 fee from students each year. Upon graduation from WHS, each student will have the option of keeping their Chromebook or donating it back to the school. Our Chromebook program provides dependable and equitable access to the best resources and tools for every student, regardless of their economic background.  

In addition, students will:

  • Learn beyond the classroom.
  • Access educational applications and programs to efficiently produce sophisticated work.
  • Drive their own learning, pursue their passions, and become lifelong learners.
  • Collaborate with teachers to complete and revise assignments in real time.
  • Identify and use appropriate digital tools to solve complex problems.

Parents/ Guardians of Winnacunnet students play an important role in this program. Please help us by reviewing the responsibilities and expectations of this program with your child. Primarily, students need to take good care of their laptops and bring them to school every day, charged and ready for use. Thank you for your support.