The Learning Disabilities Team provides direct instruction and academic assistance in the Learning Lab and Skill Development classes, and in selected regular education classes, through in-class support. Support may include team teaching, assistance provided by educational associates and consultation with classroom teachers. The LD team is currently staffed by eight teachers and five educational associates. Speech-language services are also provided.

Learning Lab

Learning Lab is a structured study in which students meet daily to work toward achieving their IEP goals through the general curriculum. In addition to receiving assistance with class assignments, students receive feedback about their class performance, strategy instruction, and assistance with self-advocacy, organization, problem-solving, and planning. As appropriate, students will participate in an ongoing coaching program in which they set daily goals, establish a plan, and evaluate their performance.

Skill Development

Skill Development is designed to meet the student’s unique educational needs in reading comprehension, basic reading skills, written expression, and math. Students will receive instruction in the area(s) indicated in their IEP. Students will also receive support in their academic classes.

Special Education Teachers

Gail Auffant
Dan Dorow 
Holly Lajeunesse
Michael Moriarty
Joanne Riker
Carrie Smallwood
Nancy Travers
Susan Wallace