Social Studies Department

21st Century Core Values and Beliefs

The Social Studies Department values thoughtful instruction that promotes meaningful inquiry and depth of understanding in order to help prepare students to meet 21st-century challenges as active and informed citizens. We believe in engaging students in the exploration of ideas, events, and decisions central to the human experience. We believe that it is critical to foster students’ ability to think critically, formulate decisions, and effectively communicate their own ideas while demonstrating respect for diverse thinking. Finally, we believe in preparing students for a global perspective that helps them to effectively engage as a member of the global community.

In order to accomplish the above, students will:

  • Demonstrate the skills and understandings essential to being independent lifelong learners Demonstrate critical thinking skills
  • Use a variety of resources and techniques: Gather, organize, analyze, synthesize, and present knowledge in the content area
  • Demonstrate the ability to select, explain, and justify historical evidence to support their position when presented with a problem having multiple solutions
  • Use information, media, and technology skills to engage in the classroom and demonstrate their learning
  • Work with others in a spirit of respect, civility, and responsibility

WHS Learning Expectations Assessed

  • Define key problems and/or key concepts
  • Organize and evaluate information for its relevance to a question or problem
  • Generate a variety of solutions, theories, and/or appropriate responses to complex questions or problems
  • Communicate an understanding of issues facing local, national, and global communities

Curriculum Frameworks

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