Special Services

Amy Therrien, Director of Special Services
Linda Crabtree-Smith, Special Services Administrative Assistant
Phone: 603-758-9247
Fax: 603-929-2189

Mission Statement of the Special Services Department

Special Services at Winnacunnet High School fosters an educational environment which strives to develop caring, respectful, and responsible young adults. We promote collaboration among students, staff, parents and the greater community to optimize student achievement at Winnacunnet High School and in life. We educate by acknowledging and capitalizing on each student’s learning potential and by providing tools necessary for success.

Department Overview

The Special Services Department is comprised of 3 “teams” which serve students with educational disabilities. At WHS, the case management system provides each student with a contact teacher who remains with them for their entire high school experience. The Winnacunnet Cooperative School District offers a full range of opportunities, programs, and services to meet the unique needs of children with disabilities in the least restrictive educational setting. Winnacunnet Cooperative School District ensures that every child with a disability has full access to the general curriculum with accommodations and modifications as delineated in the IEP including the provision of non-academic and extra-curricular services, vocational training, and transition services as appropriate.

Child Find Program

School Administrative Unit 21 actively tries to locate any un-served children with educational disabilities (or with suspicion of educational disabilities), who reside within the SAU 21 school districts.  We are interested in any children, age 0-22 who may have mental, emotional, or physical limitations.  We may be able to provide services that could make a lasting difference for these children through referring, identifying, and evaluating their needs.  If you are aware of any un-serviced children, please bring them to our attention by contacting Winnacunnet Special Services Office at 603-758-9247.

Elimination of Special Education Student Records – Winnacunnet

School Administrative Unit 21, Student Services Office is in the process of eliminating some of the student records now on file.  Records of former students who were born in 1996 or earlier will be destroyed, as the records are no longer educationally relevant.  If you wish to keep copies of your records or your child’s records while he/she was participating in special education, please contact the Winnacunnet Special Services Office at 603-758-9247. If we do not hear from you by February 1, 2024, the records will be destroyed. 

Winnacunnet School District Special Education Policies and Procedures Manual

New Hampshire Procedural Safeguards Handbook
Special Education, April 2018
Developed by the NH Department of Education
Bureau of Special Education