Business, Computers & Careers Department

21st Century Core Values & Beliefs

The mission of the department is to inspire, promote, empower, and facilitate the following in students:

  • a quest for knowledge for and about business
  • open-minded, individual thinkers and risk takers who can demonstrate professionalism
  • the ability to meet professional standards and incorporate technology into everyday applications
  • preparation for the various roles students will play as economically literate citizens and life-long learners

Department Outcomes

Students will:

  • Communicate verbally by clearly articulating ideas and disseminating information through a variety of methods
  • Integrate business concepts & skills with other academic knowledge
  • Apply technology to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate situations at home, school, and work
  • Practice skills to become an informed citizen, wise consumer, and a producer of goods and services
  • Effectively manage personal finances
  • Know themselves through self-assessment of interests, values, aptitudes, and personality
  • Recognize and use available resources when faced with change and/or challenge
  • Know how to use employment resources
  • Make appropriate choices based on experiential learning
  • Appreciate the fact that learning is life-long
  • Understand the significance of thinking critically and creatively when problem-solving

WHS Graduation Outcome Performance Expectations Assessed:

  • Demonstrate the skills to work independently
  • Create career and education plans based on individual interests, skills, aptitudes, and values
  • Present information or ideas using visual, artistic and/or technological mediums
  • Observe critically

Curriculum Frameworks

Course listings and curricular information

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