Related Services


Individual Counseling is available for students. It will be recommended only for those students who require counseling in order to benefit from their special education program through the student’s IEP.

Carollyn Federi`co – Special Services Counselor
Elisabeth Kopreski – Special Services Counselor

OT/PT & Speech Language

OT and PT services are provided by Exeter Hospital Pediatric Rehabilitation. Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Language/Therapy services are provided only for students who have IEP’s which specify direct therapy or consultation.

Transition Services

Nancy Travers – OOD Coordinator

School Psychologist

Christa D’Amico – School Psychologist

Educational Associates

Lisa Berglund
Leisa Blatchford
Chris Carlsen
Lynda Cline-Frey
Darlene Dirsa
Betsy Hegeman
Ivan Helsel
Sue Howland
Janet Hunt
Pamela Keir
Donna LeBlanc
Linda Libbey
Donna Myers
Meghan O’Meara
Cathy Willard