English Department

21st Century Core Values and Beliefs

The vision of the English Department is to develop independent, confident students who demonstrate the ability to communicate and work effectively with the wider world. The goals of the English department are to: expose students to the multifaceted experiences and ideas of humanity, and foster ethical, responsible, open-minded, and able citizens who are lifelong learners.

English Department Outcomes

Students will:

  • Think critically, apply, evaluate, synthesize literature
  • Identify and refine a topic, gather information from a variety of valid sources, synthesize information, create original work, cite sources appropriately, and present in specified formats
  • Explain multiple solutions to ethical dilemmas found in life and literature and research
  • Speak purposefully before an audience
  • Understand and demonstrate different forms of writing
  • Read and listen critically for information, enjoyment, and personal growth
  • Work collaboratively in a group setting
  • Demonstrate accountability

WHS Graduate Outcome Performance Expectations Assessed:

  • Find and collect information from a variety of print and non-print material, electric databases, multimedia, or other sources
  • Read critically
  • Write effectively
  • Speak effectively

Curriculum Frameworks

Course listings and curricular information

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