CBA Information

Teachers’ Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Informational Video:

The following brief informational video provides an overview of the proposed collective bargaining agreement (CBA) including teacher compensation, contract language adjustments, and school administration rationale. This proposed CBA will be included as a warrant article on each of our school districts’ ballots that will be voted on at the Tuesday, March 14, 2023 election. The proposed CBA was unanimously recommended by all of our districts’ school boards, and it was recommended by all of the respective towns’ budget committees, responsible for fiscal oversight and review of town and school warrant articles. 

Three (3) important notes on the proposed collective bargaining agreement (CBA):

1.       The CBA is a cooperative agreement at SAU 21. As such, the CBA warrant article needs to pass in all five (5) school districts within SAU 21 – in order for it to take effect in any one district. If one school district CBA warrant article fails, they all fail.

2.       If the CBA fails, teachers do not receive pay increases or steps. This perpetuates a compensation differential with surrounding SAU’s. We need competitive compensation to better retain our great teachers, and the ability to attract high-quality new teachers. If the contract fails, we are concerned we will lose teachers who can move to a neighboring SAU and receive significantly better salary and benefits.

3.       Our SAU 21 teachers are exceptional. They are in the classroom every day working with our students, providing individualized and personalized instruction. They provide hands-on learning opportunities and educational experiences.  Our teachers excel at providing instruction to students at their level – challenging our advanced students while providing support and intervention for struggling students – both academically and social-emotionally. We are fortunate to have the tremendous faculty employed at our SAU 21 schools. Our teachers make our schools great.