NH Gallup Student Poll

On Tuesday, May 16th, 2023, our school will participate in the NH Gallup Student Poll. Gallup provides analytics and advice to organizations around the world, and it launched the Gallup Student Poll in 2009. The NH Gallup Student Poll is a brief, 24-item survey available on-line for students in 5th through 12th grades. The NH Gallup Student Poll will help inform the development of our district Portrait of a Learner and covers the following themes:

  • Engagement is students’ involvement in and enthusiasm for school.
  • Hope is the ideas and energy students have for the future.
  • Career Connected Learning: Career connected opportunities offered through school.

The NH Gallup Student Poll gives students a voice in building great schools, and results provide schools with important, actionable information, to help schools make kids ready for the future. To date, there have been over 6 million completes of the Gallup Student Poll. Please visit the Gallup Student Poll homepage at http://www.gallupstudentpoll.com to view the survey items and learn more.

This survey is anonymous and voluntary. That means Gallup cannot identify your student, and your student’s individual responses will not be shared with anyone. Only grade, school, district results will be shared with our school. Students do not have to participate if they do not want to, and they may skip any item they do not wish to answer. There are no consequences if your student does not participate.

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