Health Services Handbook

Health Services


Laurie Cook, R.N.
Tine Svanholm, R.N.
PHONE: 758-9378 or 758-9292

Emergency Information:
All students should have a current yellow Emergency Information Card on file in the Health Office. In order to maintain updated records, a new emergency card needs to be completed at the beginning of each new school year. Without a signed card we are unable to provide students with any over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol or Advil. If, during the school year, there is a change in any information on the emergency card, please notify the Health Office as soon as possible.

Health Updates:
If your child has a routine physical exam, please send documentation to the Health Office. If there are any significant health or emotional issues, medication additions or changes, surgeries or accidents that occur during the school year, please contact the Health Office.

NH State law requires school nurses to keep an accurate and updated immunization record on each student. Please send documentation (provided by your doctor’s office upon request) of any updated immunizations your child has received and any changes in your child’s health status to school as they occur. Immunization schedules are available upon request. Failure to comply with immunization requirements may result in exclusion from school.

Insurance- Accidental Health:
Winnacunnet High School offers accidental health insurance for all students at a nominal fee and provides assistance in applying for New Hampshire Healthy Kids Insurance. Please contact the school Health Office for further information.

School Insurance:
Students are not automatically covered by school insurance. All students are not required to take the school insurance, but we strongly urge that you do as this policy will cover you for most sports and school activities at a minimal cost, and be in addition to a health insurance policy that you may already have. All students will be given the opportunity to buy an insurance policy. An optional student accident insurance policy is available to all enrolled students and can be purchased through Insurance Specialists, Inc. Additional information and enrollment forms can be accessed at: SA EnrollmentForm.pdf.

The two types of insurance are School Time Only and 24 Hour Accident Coverage. The School Time Accident policy covers the student from the time he/she gets on the school bus in the morning or is dropped off on school property until the time he/she leaves the property on the bus and is returned home or until he/she leaves school for the day. Coverage is effective when the check is received by the insurance company until the last day of school. School sponsored activities such as field trips and other school supervised activities, on and off campus, are covered under the School Time policy as well as some sports. The 24 Hour Accident Coverage is in force around the clock. It is effective from the first day of school if the premium is received before the seventh day of school or on the date listed on the enrollment form. Coverage expires on the first day of school the following year. Students are covered 24 hours a day – anytime – anywhere – any covered activity – any place. This coverage extends to weekends and vacation periods as well as summer.

  • Both plans have options for dental benefits and the exclusions/limitations of each are listed on the form.
  • Football is not covered by either of these policies. There is a separate football rider that may be purchased if your child participates in interscholastic football at WHS.

Medication in School


Prescription Medications: A written authorization form (available in the Health Office or online at the WHS website) must be signed by the prescribing physician and a parent/guardian. If a parent or guardian is unable to bring the medication to school, a responsible adult designated by the parent/guardian may deliver it to the Health Office. Medication should be brought to the school nurse in a container labeled by the pharmacist and will be stored in a locked cabinet in the Health Office. For safety reasons, if a student requires narcotic pain medication for pain control, they should remain home until their pain can be controlled by using over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol or Advil. .

Over-the-Counter Medications: For safety reasons, students are not permitted to carry over-the-counter medications with them during the school day. All over-the-counter medications will be administered through the Health Office. No over-the-counter medications will be given to any students until they have provided a current emergency card to the nurse. If a student requires an over-the-counter medication that is not normally stocked in the Health Office, the student will need to bring in their own supply with a note from a parent/guardian giving permission to administer the medication as needed. If you have any additional questions, please call the Health Office at (603) 758-9378 or (603)758-9292. Important: Any medication not picked up at the end of the school year will be discarded.

Return to School Following Long-Term Illness, Injury or Surgery


For a student’s well-being and that of other students and staff, medical documentation is required when there is concern or question regarding a student’s participation in his/her regular school program. Following long-term illness, injury or surgical procedure, a healthcare provider’s note outlining recommendations for care and/or restrictions will be presented to the school nurse on or before the day the student returns to school.

Concussion Protocol:

The Concussion protocol begins immediately after injury.

  • The Parent/Physician/Athletic Trainer/Student informs School Nurse.
  • School nurse reviews the medical information
  • Notifies appropriate staff.

Phase 1 (First Two weeks)

  • No school work expectations
  • Listening and following classroom instruction is all that is allowed
  • Teachers will collect essential work that will be expected to be made up and hold it for the student.
  • Teachers will mark non-essential work as exempt

End of two week period:

  • Student resumes full workload
  • Teacher provides missed essential work and identifies the makeup period that is consistent with our makeup policy.
  • Student is cleared of the injury to resume academic work.
  • Notification of clearance will be issued by the school nurse.
  • All academic work is returned to the teacher for evaluation and grade entry.

Phase 2

  • After 2 weeks School Nurse will communicate with physician
  • If physician extends because the student is still experiencing symptoms
  • Student’s academic workload may be adjusted
  • Teachers will continue to collect essential work.
  • Makeup period will be commensurate with the length of injury.

Weeks 3 and 4:

  • Student will resume full workload.
  • School nurse will extend based upon communication with the physician.
  • Referral to SAT for discussion.
  • 504 may be warranted
  • If injury/recovery extends through the grading period a grade of Incomplete will be issued.

Phase 3

Weeks 4+ academic workload remains adjusted until cleared.