Request for New Apps

Process for Adopting a New App/Tool

Only Apps that are appropriate to meet the instructional goals, and the New Hampshire legal requirements to protect student privacy and data, will be approved. Before submitting a request for approval of a new App, staff should consider the following standards:

  • Does the App/Online Tool comply with the district policies?
  • Has the District already vetted and approved a similar app? If so, staff and students should use the approved solution.
  • What’s the impact that this new App will have on instruction and student learning? Does it have strong relevance to the curriculum and instructional goals?
  • Has the App been fully tested? It’s important for the teacher to fully understand the student experience when using the tool to ensure that it works and is appropriate for the age group.
  • Staff should speak with the WHS Technology Integrator before using ANY new (unvetted) App with students. This includes any online tool that requires a unique student login.

Once all the above has been considered, and if deemed appropriate, a request for approval of the new App can be submitted to the New Hampshire Student Privacy Alliance for thorough vetting.