How to Apply for Local Scholarships

Jan 14, 2021

Class of 2021 Scholarship Application Process:

The local scholarship application process officially kicks off January 15th.  There are scholarships available for all levels of PostSecondary school: Trade Schools, Community Colleges, 4 year College and University. You won’t get any unless you apply!
This is a video of instructions for all the different types of local scholarships and how to apply. This is specific to Winnacunnet High School Class of 2021.

Here are all the documents and websites mentioned in the video. Please make sure to follow all the instructions- there are a lot of rules to follow. People who give away money can make the rules about how to apply for it. Happy to answer questions and help with applications!

Going Merry: Seniors will receive an invite to Going Merry via email- this is related to scholarships and how you apply to some.  : 

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation   Apply for a scholarship

American Legion Dept of NH Scholarship:

How to Apply for Scholarships (Slides in the video)

Winnacunnet Dollars for Scholars 2021 Flyer


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