School Messenger

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Winnacunnet High School uses a notification system called School Messenger to best serve you with timely information about school or district emergencies (such as school closings due to weather). In the event of an emergency, you may receive a phone call, email and/or text with important information. School Messenger may also be used to inform you about student absences, school safety, and special events.

SMS phone
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Is there anything I need to do to receive emergency notifications?
A. Yes. Please first make sure that your contact information is up-to-date in our student information system (PowerSchool). If you have changed your phone number(s) or email address, please contact Karen Langmaid,

Q. Can I receive emergency notification text messages on my cell phone?  
A. Yes… but you must opt in. Using the same cell phone that you have on file in PowerSchool, opt in by texting YES to 67587 (There is no charge from School Messenger for this service. Standard messaging rates from your carrier may apply.) You should immediately receive a reply text from School Messenger confirming that you have opted in.

If you do NOT receive a confirmation text from School Messenger (67587):

  1. Please contact the WHS Guidance Office at 603-926-8769 or email Karen Langmaid,, to verify that your cell phone number is correct in PowerSchool.
  2. If you receive an error message that “short codes” are blocked on your phone, you will need to contact your phone carrier to “unblock short code texts.”
  3. If you receive NO confirmation text and NO error message, and your cell phone number is correct at the school office, your cell phone company may still be blocking “short code texts.”   Please contact your cell phone carrier to “unblock short codes.”

Will School Messenger be used to notify me about other important information besides emergencies?
A. School Messenger may be used to inform you about absences, special school events, bus delays, district testing, and school news.



Did you check any Spam, Junk or Clutter folders?

Sometimes email notifications sent from School Messenger could be mistakenly handled by an email provider or program as Spam, Junk or Clutter, so please check these folders first. If you find the email there, here are some things you can do to prevent this from happening in the future:

Clutter for Outlook
If you have Clutter turned on (in Microsoft Outlook), it automatically tries to determine what is useful and what is not.  It will send messages to your Clutter folder, but is not fool-proof and needs to be trained. 

Trusted/Whitelist/Safe Sender email
Some email providers may erroneously determine that messages from this sender are Spam, Junk or Clutter.  If these messages go to Spam, Junk or Clutter folders, you can mark and as trusted.  Search your email provider for more information from the web about trusting/whitelisting email addresses.


Is your email address correct in PowerSchool?

School Messenger uses your contact information as it is listed in PowerSchool.  Please log into the Parent Portal to verify that your email is correct. You can check your mail on file by selecting Account Preferences in the left navigation.  If incorrect, please contact Karen Langmaid, to update.  


Email notifications from School Messenger are automatically sent to your work email address. If you don’t see the email in your WORK email Inbox, please check your Spam folder as mentioned in Step 1 above.


Please first try steps 1-3 above first.  If after doing that you still can’t locate the email, please contact Erica Madden,

When email notifications are sent from School Messenger, a delivery status report is generated with the destination email address and whether the email was blocked, sent, delivered or opened. For text notifications, it generates a report with the destination cell phone and text delivery status.