Class of 2024

Administrator for Class of 2024 – Mike Daboul, Assistant Principal


Due to the forecast, the Grand March will be held in the gym. Students can arrive as early as 4:15 pm with a prompt 5:00 pm start. Rented transportation should drop students off in the gym parking lot and students driving themselves can park in the lower gym lot. All parents and spectators will not be allowed to park in the gym lot but are welcome to park anywhere else on campus.

Upon arrival students can proceed to the upstairs exercise room for line up and further instructions. All spectators can go right to the gym.

Students will be allowed to enter Jimmy’s Jazz Club at 6:00pm.

Prom at Jimmy’s Jazz Club

Jimmy’s Jazz Club is located at 135 Congress Street in Portsmouth. Students who drive themselves will be responsible to find parking in any of the metered or garage parking areas. The Worth Lot, Bridge Street Lot and Founders Garage are the closest parking areas to Jimmy’s. The rented transportation should drop the students off in the Worth Lot where students can then walk around to the front entrance that is located on Congress Street. Rented transportation will have to leave the premises and come back to pick them up later. Once a student leaves the prom, they may not return. The prom will end at 10 pm.